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Geriatric care


Physical therapy for the geriatric population focuses on optimizing function for aging adults. As we age, our bodies undergo wear and tear. Although this process is normal, it sometimes leads to pain and disability, causing patients to limit their activity or stop doing what they enjoy. People who live an active lifestyle lose less muscle mass and flexibility as they age. Geriatric physical therapy can improve strength, mobility and balance to help the aging individual build confidence in staying active.

Benefits of geriatric physical therapy

In physical therapy, we focus on your specific needs and goals. Benefits of geriatric physical therapy include restoring mobility, reducing pain, increasing strength, improving balance, decreasing risk of falls and improving overall fitness.

What can geriatric physical therapy help with?

Our experienced geriatric physical therapists can help you fight back against the general effects of aging, and also help with some disease and conditions:
• Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
• Joint replacement and other orthopedic surgeries
• Osteopenia
• Osteoporosis
• Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease
• Neurological disorders
• Stroke
• Parkinson’s
• Multiple sclerosis
• Obesity related complications
• Generalized weakness and loss of function
• Cancer-related complications
• Vestibular and balance disorders

Why Choose Us

• Focus on preventative care.
• One-on-one Physical Therapy treatment.
• Outpatient Physical therapy service at the comfort of your home.
• Listen to our patients’ needs, identify root cause, decrease pain, and create a personalized exercise program.
• Wellness and rehabilitation programs are available after discharge from Physical Therapy services.

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