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Dementia Care


Dementia is indicative of brain cell damage which leads to the deficits in memory, executive functioning, behavior, and temperament. Memory deficits are the hallmark symptom of dementia and short-term memory issues are the first to appear (Arvanitakis & Bennett, 2019). Over time, individuals with dementia experience a progressive decline in cognitive and physical functioning leading to a loss of safety and independence.

Benefits of Physical therapy in Dementia

A key focus of therapy is working with the patient and caregiver to optimize the patient’s participation in meaningful activities while maintaining safety for everyone involved. Work with the caregiver and patient to identify what communication or cuing strategies are most effective to facilitate these activities. Establish a home exercise program to maintain strength and mobility and help prevent adverse events, including contractures and pressure injuries.

Physical therapy can help people with Dementia/Alzheimer's disease by:

• Home modification to increase safety and ease mobility
• Improve functional mobility
• Improve Activities of daily living
• Develop a home exercises program
• Educate caregiver to improve their physical and mental health
• help with Assistive devices (cane, walker, wheelchair)
• manage pain
• Improve social interaction

Why Choose Us

• Focus on preventative care.
• One-on-one Physical Therapy treatment.
• Outpatient Physical therapy service at the comfort of your home.
• Listen to our patients’ needs, identify root cause, decrease pain, and create a personalized exercise program.
• Wellness and rehabilitation programs are available after discharge from Physical Therapy services.

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